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Race Rules 2018
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The long winded 2018 Race Rule thread has been deleted.

Here is the original post by LittleG, thanks to him for taking the time to post for all to enjoy.

No Silly comments will be allowed towards this or any other threads:

Again thanks to LittleG for sharing these rules:

Richard Clark


2018 race rules
These are the new Rules to follow if your building a race machine for 2018

A. Numbers
1. All vehicles will have numbers on front and both sides a minimum of six inches in height.
2. Numbers must legible.
3. Numbers with the NEEDTV series the number follows the driver so if you are driving a rental make sure they have the correct number so you get your awards or points.

B. Kill switch
1. All Kill switches must be accessible buy the driver or track personal.

C. Roll-Bars
1. Roll-Bars must clear the drivers helmet by a minimum of six inches.
1.2: Provisionary Rule all vehicles already built must have a minimum of two inches. Anything built after this date 9/14/2015 must have the required six inches.
2.All stock class vehicles must have a minimum of a three point roll-bar.
3. All modified class vehicles must be attached to the frame at four points.
4. Mounting The most desirable installation is the permanent welded; however a bolt removable unit will be allowed. On vehicles with frames the roll-bar must be attached directly to the frame. On vehicles with unibody construction the roll-bars must be attached to that portion of the body that contains the axles, and the bars attached by a reinforcing plate on both sides of the body. All bolt on Roll-bars must be secured by shock-proof self locking fasteners (NO LOCKWASHERS)
5. Full Body Band cages are allowed as long as they are secured properly.
6. All roll-bars are to be made of mild steel or equivalent the main bar must be at least one and half inches outside diameter and .120 inches thick all braces must be .120 thick and one inch outside diameter.
7. All roll-bars are subject to testing at any time that will be done buy any means possible.

1. All Vehicles must be equipped with SAE approved seat belts or equivalent and shoulder harness: only double belt type shoulder harness will be permitted. NO single cross type belts will be permitted.
2. Belts must be attached directly to the frame or in the same area of vehicle as the roll-bars and on a plane parallel to the bottom of the drivers seat, or lower. Please make sure that any excess belt be cut off or taped up so it DOES NOT get caught in the chains.

E. Gas Caps
1. It is preferred that each vehicle would have a locking type gas cap.
2. If a locking type cap is not available, the cap must be secured by tape. The Tape must be DUCT TAPE any color just has to be DUCT TAPE.
3. A gas tank vent with a rollover valve is recommended but not required at this time.

F. Mufflers
1. The mufflers must be contained within the confines of the body or roll-bars. No mufflers may protrude beyond the outer limit of the body or roll-bars.
2. The muffler may be located anywhere within the confines of the body and roll-bar system for both stocks and modifieds.

G. Torque Converter Safety Shields
1. A torque converter safety shield is required on all competition vehicles.
2. The torque converter safety shield must be designed to cover the top, front, and rear of both the drive and driven clutches. The shield must protect the driver and also fuel tank and lines from converter failure.
3. The shield must a minimum of an 1/8inch thick mild steal or equivalent. No fiberglass or plastic shields will be acceptable.
4. Remember an exploding clutch has more shrapnel then a hand grenade.

H. Chain Guards
1. All vehicles are required to have chain guards in the driver cockpit area.
2. Chain guards must be adequate to prevent any part of the drivers body from coming into contact with the chains and constructed of a shatter proof material.

I. Alterations
1. Vehicles may be altered to comply with safety rules.
2. Seat alterations including the installation of bucket seats are permitted. All seat alterations are subject to the approval of the safety committee.
3. Windshields are to be removed prior to the competition.
4. Glass headlights are to be removed or covered with DUCT TAPE.
5. Sprockets may be changed to make any desired ratio.
6. Tires any ATV type tire will be allowed as long as there are no metal projections of any nature or tire chains.
7. The Following formula is to be used for four cycle engines to convert to c.c. equivalent. Multiply the displacement of the 4 cycle in cubic inches by 16.38 which converts the cubic inches to cubic centimeters and then multiply that answer by 0.60 to obtain the c.c. equivalant

J. Modifieds
1. All Modified class vehicles must have a plastic or fiberglass production body.No metal bodies in this class.

K. Springers /Super Mod /Suspended
1. All drivers are subject to there experience level meaning if you are unqualified in the eyes of any track official you will not be allowed to race.
2. Engines 600 cc
3. Subject to all safety rules.

L. General Rules
1. Any driver caught intentionally racing dirty will be blacked flagged for the remainder of the race.
2. Classes looks like we should have five solid classes for next year.
four stroke
A class (0 to 20 H.P. single carburetor single exhaust )
D stock. (0 to 500 cc single carburetor. Air cooled engines only no liquids)
Modified. ( 0 to 600cc any carburetor straight axles) no suspension
Springer. (0 to 600 cc any carburetor suspension)
Powder Puff. If an event has enough ladies to run a powder puff class it will be limited to (0 to 500 cc single carb. Air cooled) or A thru D stock no modifieds.
Any driver can bump up a class as desired but can not go down a class.
All Vehicles will be subject to TECH INSPECTIONS next year you have plenty of time to make things right.
3. Helmets are required for all classes and Eye protection.
4. All drivers are strongly recommended to where a long pants and long sleeve shirts during there race but will not be enforced. Due to increasing temperatures during the summer race season.
5. No steerable vehicles skid steer type only will be allowed.

If it is not listed on here please ask if I don't have the answer I will get the correct one.