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Man I'd really like to cut corners just to get riding but thankfully I didn't get my new throttle cable yet and picked up the wrong belt for my alternator, 30 inch is too short I can't get the adjuster bolt back in and it's tight up against the top plate. Since I have these two main things holding me till this weekend I have all week to nit pick everything else and make sure it's all tightened down and is correct. I can't thank you all enough as well as a couple folks on the other site, I must've read every max post on both sites at least two or three times trying to educate myself, hopefully I enjoy the ride as much as the build.


--- Quote from: WFO on August 17, 2018, 08:13:21 PM ---did you buy a new CARB by engine serial #

--- End quote ---
No it's still the duromax carb that came on it, I bought a set of jet drills to dial it in, if I don't like it or it doesn't act right I'll most likely go with a keihin or mikuni and see how I like that.

did you buy a new CARB by engine serial #

Well I guess it's a good day to lay out the tracker soft top I'm hoping to use for a top for my Max ii, and let the rain wash some of the dust and bugs off from being stored. It sure looks like it's going to be an alright fit, I guess we will see after I start cutting and bending brackets and bows and making tabs for it to attach to. I'm going to try and make it in a fashion that wI'll allow it to be used on regular body max it's without too much extra work. When I get to making doors I think I'm just going to make a wire frame like Jeep soft doors and cover them. One chain link, a short v belt for my alternator, a little more wiring and mount a gas tank and she's ready for test driving. Is it okay to use two master links in a jackshsft #50 chain or will that make a weak spot? I need one link added and broke my chain breaker but have a couple single links.  I can hardly wait to make it to some events and meet some of you in person.


--- Quote from: WFO on August 16, 2018, 11:08:34 PM ---make sure you use good air filter oil on it. i use the UNI air filter oil . real sticky

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Thanks for the heads up I'll look for that kind or order some, I know I can get the k&n stuff local but I also never bought much air filter oil either.


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