Author Topic: New from Alaska Trying to Haul 2000 lb up a 18% Slope Year Round...  (Read 232 times)

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New from Alaska Trying to Haul 2000 lb up a 18% Slope Year Round...
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2019, 06:05:35 PM »

The wife and I are trying to figure out how to haul building supplies (lots of them over time) about a mile to our new property.  The road we had hoped to build is far far beyond our financial abilities for gravel.  We had hoped to get a two season dirt road with culverts and drainage that we could use our F-150 to haul too, but it has become apparent that isn't going to happen and our road has now been downgraded to a wide ATV trail and the guy making the road recommended we look into getting an Argo.  He is a long timer and we're inclined to trust his advice but want to do our due diligence because of the price of the machines we're looking at (which are far cheaper than a gravel road).

We have a Can Am Outlander 1000 6x6 (helicopter delivered it) up on our property now.  Our ATV trail should be finished early next week and then we will try hauling with it using our ATV wagon (no tracks on the Can Am yet).  It can only haul 1200 but we're not sure it can do that up that slope, but we're gonna find out soon.

We can't afford a helicopter to bring in all the building supplies.  We can't afford paradrop of the supplies.

We can't afford a gravel road that would allow our F-150 to bring in the supplies.

The terrain is Alaskan, high grass, clay underneath with soft soil on top, lots of snow and ice that breaks up and becomes muck for a bit before drying out.

We are considering an Argo Conquest Lineman with tracks but we haven't seen any data from the dealer to suggest it can haul 2000 pounds up our 18% mucky/snowy slope portion and that's a lot of money for a guess (dealer is asking nearly 50K for a used one with 12 hours on it).

We would be very interested in a Track Loader Skid Steer that could tow since we'd like to get one of those anyway, maybe we could find a bigger one than we were planning on getting that can tow 2000 pounds and have it to do everything?  That might be ideal!

Attached is an accurate 3d model image of the slope we are facing and the terrain type (imagery and model created using our DJI Phantom drone and software).  Water pools in some places but with culverts we think we can minimize that, but given the Alaskan terrain there will be plenty of muck and plenty of snow much of the year.  It's an 18% slope (rounded up a bit) in the steepest part before getting to the higher terrain.

Would be very appreciate of any suggestions!  Thank you in advance for any help with this important decision.  We can't afford to get this one wrong :(